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 Tyranahorse is a five-piece indie rock band based out of East Vancouver. Their music is inspired by the diverse backgrounds of their members, whose music fore’s include noise, grunge, classical, pop, old country, hip hop, rock, and early hardcore. Tyranahorse press-release

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The resulting ensemble is a unique genre bending mash with mainstream hooks and melodic undertones. Musical instruments in their quiver include: theremin, kazoo, synth, guitar, bass, shakers, vocal loops, piano, and harmonica. Their sound has been described as the B-52’s meets Jello Biafra and Janis Joplin at a dinner party with the Pixies.

Tyranahorse’s 2011 debut full-length independent release, ghostwolfmotherhawk: prairieunicornlionlioness, received excellent reviews in Vancouver’s Discorder Magazine and The Georgia Straight. “The hard-rocking anthem “Keep it Together” feels like it should have been plucked from Bruce Springsteen’s ’80s songbook, with the troupe singing a refrain about pounding back Pilsners’ and whiskey shots,” said The Georgia Straight. “But things get out-there mid-song when Sun drops a theremin solo that transports the tune out of a New Jersey dive bar and into a mad scientist’s laboratory.”

“Like a hyperactive kid who forgot to take her Ritalin, several songs absent-mindedly transform in tone and instrumentation into something quite spectacular. These disorienting synths, dissonant harmonies and impromptu kazoo solos highlight the band’s tongue-in-cheek perspective on the state of indie rock, and are often endearing in their sloppiness. Discorder Magazine, 2011.