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prOphecy sun is East Vancouver’s noise darling – a siren who creates ghostly, looping vocal drones and free style field recordings, with breathing & throat singing, a handmade theremin and a knapsack full of small musical objects.

“From snarling to sultry, twinkling to probing, Not for Dogs explores a spectrum of moods and sounds, her signature siren-like vocals reminding you that it’s still her. PrOphecy is continuing to bend the logic of time in the day, taking on filming and editing music videos for all 18 tracks.” ~BeatRoute Magazine -August 2011~

“She wasn’t lying when she candidly expressed that she had energy for three—I’d say maybe even more. prOphecy sun’s latest release, Not For Dogs, the follow-up to her 2009 debut, Cat Paws, welcomes you into the madness of her being the joys as well as deep pain and confusion. The album contains ethereal echoes, guttural vocal noises and classical melodies laced with spacey electronics. The cacophony of sounds arrest your ears; the journey is vulnerable as the layers peel and you experience it all…Not For Dogs is hard to define because each track goes in a completely different direction. “Harmonica Train” contains a series of low groans, growls and deep breaths layered amongst high pitched wails and harmonica puffs clattering like a train moving across the tracks. The song is intense, yet the airy “of Bladerunner 2” emotes the beautiful tinkling of what sounds like clinking pieces of glass. The beautiful sound of her voice, meanwhile, is utilized in “Don’t Forget Me,” where she harmonizes her vocals on lines like, “Please remember me in the morning.” ~Cover Feature- Discorder Magazine -August/September 2011~

“Her debut disc, appropriately titled Cats Paws, was recorded at home with all five of her felines running around the makeshift studio. The singer even sets up a collection of hand-sewn calicos in front of her before she plays. It’s borderline obsessive, but considering the result—an eerily hypnotic collection of vocal loops that pile cutesy kitten meows atop spectral moans—it sounds like Prophecy’s cat fixation has paid off handsomely.”
~Feature- Best Of Vancouver 2009 Awards- The Georgia Straight~

“Her voice is indeed a powerful instrument. When used with the effects pedal, it takes on her signature ghostly presence, bundled with fourth, fifth and sixth generation field recordings made with her digital and cassette tape recorders and various clicks and taps from a tapper and shaker, it becomes a heavily layered work. Throw in the eerie sounds of a homemade theremin and you have a pretty unique sound.”

~Discorder Magazine -September 2009~

“It’s okay with prOphecy sun if you’re a little frightened by her music. Her creations can be uncomfortable, difficult, at times discordant and “not always pretty.” But that’s exactly the point: “If I’m not going there and challenging myself,” she explains, “I might as well stop, because it’s not really authentic.”
~Sad Mag -Winter 2009, ISSUE TWO~