Big Joy Festival 2014

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Big Joy Festival 2014 Poster

Big Joy Festival 2014

Big Joy Festival 2014. Annual Experimental Festival in Van B.C – Dec 3 to Dec 6. Hosting 4 shows, with 31 artists, as well as a photography exhibit. I was invited to perform solo.

Big Joy is a music festival that showcases current experimental acts in Vancouver and abroad. They host a small, independent festival annually over four days in December as well as a number of concerts throughout the year. Hoping to present a broad spectrum of what Vancouver’s weirdo music scene has to offer, Big Joy encompasses everything from drone and harsh noise, through to ambient and electronic music.Vancouver has a thriving underground music scene that is both exciting and viable. Big Joy’s goal is to offer another platform to exhibit the many colours that it inhabits.

prOphecy sun at Big Joy Festival 2015Photo: Steve Louie